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Machine Learning & Support Vector Machines (SVM) Lecture 9 CSCSI 494

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Last lecture we discussed the major topics in machine learning and an important classification algorithm entitled Support Vector Machines (SVM). Modern search engines use a combination of these fundamental techniques to find the relevance of documents w.r.t a given search query.
Papers to read: Standard SVM [Cortes and Vapnik, 1995]

We also discussed a two dimensional problem and showed how to expand a machine learning problem to infinite dimensions.

Lecture Notes

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Probabilistic Retrieval Models - Lect. 8 CSCS 494

March 1st, 2012 admin No comments

Lecture 8 covered probabilistic retrieval models and some review of basic probability theory.
Also covered were some of the early retrieval models. Vector space models and cosine similarity.

Slides for Lect 8.